Brother Stanley Rankin recived his promotion at the first of this year. He will be missed but is with Jesus Christ who he loved so much.

Brother James Scott recived his promotion recently. His enthusiam and optisim will be missed but he is with Jesus Christ now.

Radio Services

The Full Preterist Christian Church has a radio ministry on KNEL 95.3 FM Every Sunday morning 9:00AM Central Time. We are including some example radio servise recordings for download. The Brady Gospel Church has been on the radio since 1934 when radio came to Brady. Spreading the Gospel (Good News) and shining light on the word of God. KNEL has streaming at

Radio Sermons available for download

Who you are, ~ The dead at AD70

Who is the Devil, ~ Mat 10 Mark 6

Let Jesus be in Charge, ~ Ishmaeliteing

In My Name, ~ Hebrews Chapter 6

Ephesians 4 Time, ~ Easter 2006

Galatians Chapter 3

About us

Full Preterist Christian Church

Pastor: Rev. Charles N. Hallford

2005 South Bridge (PO BOX 629) Brady, Texas 76825

Phone 325-597-3743


We believe

Jesus is God.

Jesus returned in His Kingdom at AD70 as shown by the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus promised a spiritual kingdom, a spiritual return and a spiritual resurrection.

Jesus Loves You and wants good things for you in your life.

The Kingdom of God is here NOW and has been for 1,944 years.