Full Preterist Christian Church is no longer having services!

Preterists are encouraged to have home based fellowship meetings in there community!.

Welcome to our Church

The Full Preterist Christian Church was a congregation of Preterists in Brady, Texas devoted to spreading the Gospel (Good News) that Jesus has come and the Kingdom is here and we (believers) are the born again (begat from above) "Sons of God". We are no longer meeting as a church but are having home fellowship meetings.

We (Christians) are living below our inheritance; the creator of the universe died a horrible death he did not deserve so that we could be free to live in peace, love and joy.

About us

Full Preterist Christian Church

Pastor: Rev. Charles N. Hallford

PO BOX 629, Brady, Texas 76825

Phone 325-597-3743


We believe

Jesus is God.

Jesus returned in His Kingdom at AD70 as shown by the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus promised a spiritual kingdom, a spiritual return and a spiritual resurrection.

Jesus Loves You and wants good things for you in your life.

The Kingdom of God is here NOW and has been for 1,944 years.